Spectroscopy of Molecular Ions in the Laboratory and in (Extraterrestrial) Space

Kos, Greece, Oct. 3rd - 6th, 2010

Many important developments are currently being made on many fronts in the spectroscopy of molecular ions using new techniques and new observatories. This symposium is planned to be a unique one in which laboratory spectroscopists, observational astronomers, theorists, and physicists and chemists in related fields will be together with plenty of time for in-depth discussions to obtain up-to-date information and discuss future developments.

The list of participants/talks so far applied is attached. More applications are encouraged. So far the following subjects have emerged as topics of interest and more talks on these subjects are welcome.

  1. Newly discovered molecular ions in space in the millimeter and submillimeter regions (2 sessions). (Benz, Falgarone, Herbst, McCarthy, Menten, van der Tak)
  2. Infrared spectra of interstellar H3+ and CO (1 session). (Goto, Indriolo, Jungen, McCall, Oka, Saykally)
  3. Ions in the early Universe (1 session). (Dalgarno, Kreckel)
  4. New laboratory spectroscopy (2 sessions). (Amano, Dore, Duncan, Jacox, Jungen, Maier, Matsushima, McCarthy, Merkt, Schlemmer)
  5. Low temperature molecular ion spectroscopy (1 session). (Brown, Petrignani, Schiller, Schlemmer)
  6. Intramolecular dynamics of CH5+ (1 session).  (Amano, Bowman, Carrington, Ivanov, Oka, Schlemmer)

Other topic such as ab initio theory (Lee), ions in clusters and grains have also been mentioned.

Molecular ions discussed so far include: H3+, (H3+ + e-), H5+, H3+(H2)n and isotopologues.
CH+, CH2+, CH3+, CH5+ and isotopologues.
Protonated C2H2, C2H4, C6H6, C10H8,  
C3H+, C3H3+, C60+.
OH+, H2O+, H3O+, H5O2+ and isotopologues.
HCO+, HN2+, HCNH+, N2OH+, H2NOH+, SH3+.
H-, C6H-, C4H-, C2H-, CN-, NCO-, and other anions.
Molecular ions in clusters and on grains.

The first notice of SMILES sent on March 15, the second notice sent on April 15, the third notice (logistics) sent on June 22 and the fourth notice sent on August 3 are attached. The symposium is organized as a part of ICCMSE 2010 (International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering) but is independent of it in the scientific content.

For registration, accommodation, abstracts, proceedings etc., see <>. The symposium will take place at Hotel Kipriotis <>. See Maps of Kos and environment and access to the island for your information.

Following room rates have been give to me from ICCMSE. They will go in the ICCMSE webpage soon. As of now 1 Euro is 1.3583 US $.

Kipriotis Village Resort
Single room: 100 Euros
Double room: 130 Euros
Triple room with adult : 171.75 Euros
Triple room with child 6-12 years old: 161.25 Euros

Kipriotis Hippocrates
Single room: 80 Euros
Double room: 110 Euros
Triple room with adult : 144.75 Euros
Triple room with child 6-12 years old: 136.25 Euros

Both hotels belong to Kipriotis Hotel and are around the Conference Center.

ICCMSE will not pay travel expenses but waiver of registration fee (see <>) is possible although very limited in number. If you badly need the waiver, let Oka know at Oka will be away to Hawaii from April 30 to May 19 and may not be able to respond to mails promptly during this period. If you have urgent correspondences send them by April 25.